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Instructional time is very important. To limit interruptions to the classroom, teacher phone numbers are not listed. If you would like to speak to a teacher, please call the front office and leave a message, or e-mail him or her to set up a time to speak. Thank you for your understanding and support. 
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NamePositionPhone NumberEmailwebsite
NamePositionPhone NumberEmailwebsite
Aceves, Monique Teacher, 4th Grade 602-896-5700 Fourth Grade  
Ahlman, Patti Teacher, Gifted (Project Potential) 602-896-5700 Gifted Department 
Alvarez, Blanca ELL Specialist 602-896-5744  
Barr, Naomi Cafeteria Manager 602-896-5717  
Baumener, Gillian Teacher, 6th grade 602-896-5700 Sixth Grade  
Behrana, Natasha Teacher, Art 602-896-5700 Special Areas 
Berretta, Angela Teacher, 3rd grade 602-896-5700 Third Grade 
Blanchard, Irene Teacher, 1st grade 602-896-5700 First Grade 
Boudreaux, Alexia Resource Teacher 602-896-5700 Resource Department 
Boyd, Summer Psychologist 602-896-5713  
Brumagin, Lindsey Teacher, 3rd Grade 602-896-5700 Third Grade 
Carson, Emily Social Worker 602-896-5763 Social Worker  
Conlogue, Mary Kidspace Program Manager 602-896-5715  
Conner, Tiffany Instructional Assistant - Autism 602-896-5700  
Contreras-Lopez, Isabel Office Technician 602-896-5700 Office  
Corn, Lorraine Speech-Language Assistant 602-896-5700  
DeHart, Beth Teacher, 6th grade 602-896-5700 Sixth Grade 
Diaz, Annie Instructional Coach 602-896-5746 Instructional Coach 
Donnelly, Christopher Facility Manager 602-896-5700  
Foresta, Samantha Teacher, 3rd & 4th Autism 602-896-5700 A-Team 
Garcia, Vanessa Teacher, 1st grade 602-896-5700 First Grade 
Gonzalez, Kristopher Teacher, 2nd grade 602-896-5700 Second Grade 
Heller, Debra Teacher, Headstart Preschool  602-896-5726  
Jones, Megan Teacher, Kindergarten 602-896-5700 Kindergarten 
Judy, William Teacher, 4th grade 602-896-5700 Fourth Grade 
Kakritz, Sarah Academic Interventionist 602-896-5743 Literacy Lab 
Law, Beth Teacher, 1st grade 602-896-5700 First Grade 
Lester, Dennis Teacher, 5th grade 602-896-5700 Fifth Grade 
Luce, Sheila Resource Teacher 602-896-5700 Resource Department 
Martinez DeLaCruz, Maythe Teacher, 3rd Grade 602-896-5700 Third Grade 
Medley, Melissa Teacher, 5th grade 602-896-5700 Fifth Grade 
Montoya, Jay Teacher, PE 602-896-5700 Special Areas 
Myers, Bryanna Teacher, Kindergarten  602-896-5700 Kindergarten 
Nilson, Anita Instructional Assistant - Autism 602-896-5700  
Parker, Ashley Teacher- 2nd Grade 602-896-5700 Second Grade 
Parra, Jennifer Instructional Assistant - Autism 602-896-5700  
Pendell-Castro, Santiago Instructional Assistant - Autism 602-896-5700  
Polimeni, Jennifer Preschool  602-896-5700 Preschool 
Powell, Alonzo Music Teacher 602-896-5700 Special Areas 
Puccio, MaryAnn Teacher, Kindergarten 602-896-5700 Kindergarten 
Quagliano, Steven Occupational Therapy 602-896-5700 Physical Therapy Department  
Quintero, Maria Elena Instructional Assistant - Autism 602-896-5700  
Roberts, Sarah Office Technician 602-896-5701 Office  
Saxton, Clint Speech and Language Therapist 602-896-5700  
Schwan, Travis Academic Interventionist/ Gifted-Advanced Math 602-896-5700 Gifted Department 
Seto, Aleksandra Teacher, 4th grade 602-896-5700 Fourth Grade 
Thompson, Gary Behavior Support Advocate 602-896-5759  
Tonemah, Quay Teacher, 5th Grade 602-896-5700 Fifth Grade 
Trader, Sandy Instructional Assistant- Autism 602-896-5700  
Vermeulen, Janettha  Physical Therapist Physical Therapy Department  
Watson, Stephanie Health Technician 602-896-5710 Health Office 
Werdy, Dina Teacher- 3rd & 4th Autsim 602-896-5700 A-Team 
Wiese, Troy Teacher, 6th grade 602-896-5700 Sixth Grade 
Wright, Pamela Principal 602-896-5700  
Zive, Carrie Office Manager 602-896-5724 Office  
Showing 55 items