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Instructional time is very important. To limit interruptions to the classroom, teacher phone numbers are not listed. If you would like to speak to a teacher, please call the front office and leave a message, or e-mail him or her to set up a time to speak. Thank you for your understanding and support. 
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Acosta, Lindsay Teacher, Kindergarten 602-896-5700  
Barrett, Ashley Music Teacher 602-896-5700  
Baumener, Gillian Teacher, 6th grade 602-896-5700 Ms. Baumener's website 
Berretta, Angela Teacher, 2nd grade 602-896-5700  
Chatfield, Dave Teacher, Gifted (Project Potential) 602-896-5700 Mr. Chatfield's website 
Conlogue, Mary Kidspace Program Manager 602-896-5715  
Contreras-Lopez, Isabel Instructional Assistant 602-896-5700  
DeHart, Beth Teacher, 6th grade 602-896-5700 Ms. DeHart's website 
Diaz, Annie Program Coach 602-896-5746  
Dunou, Diane Teacher, 3rd grade 602-896-5700 Miss Dunou's website 
Ellington, Betty Office Tech 602-896-5700  
Esparza, Anthony Facilities Manager 602-896-5718  
Fisher, Kirsten Teacher, Autism 602-896-5700  
Frye, Linda Teacher, Speech Autism 602-896-5700  
Garcia, Vanessa Teacher, 1st grade  
Gonzalez, Kristopher Teacher, 4th grade  
Harris, Barb Academic Specialist, Jungle Mrs. Harris's website 
Heath, Esther Office Manager 602-896-5700  
Heller, Debra Teacher, Headstart Preschool  602-896-5770  
Hess, Amanda Teacher, Autism  
Heydorn, Nancy Library Tech 602-896-5709 Library website 
Jones, Megan Teacher, Kindergarten 602-896-5700  
Judy, William Teacher, 4th grade 602-896-5700  
Kakritz, Sarah Teacher, 2nd grade Miss Kakrtiz's website 
Karraker, Anne Teacher, 1st grade Mrs. Karraker's website 
Kroll, Monique Psychologist 602-896-5713  
Law, Beth Teacher, 1st grade Mrs. Law's website 
Lester, Dennis Teacher, 5th grade Mr. Lester's website 
Luce, Sheila Teacher, Resource Mrs. Luce's website 
Martinez, Amber Teacher, 2nd grade  
McGinn, Angela Cafeteria Manager 602-896-5717   
McKinnon, Moira Social Worker 602-896-5749  
McNeff, Sheri Computer Tech 602-896-5759   
Medley, Melissa Teacher, 3rd grade Miss Medley's website 
Montoya, Jay Teacher, PE Coach Montoya's website 
Moore, Nancy Librarian 602-896-5709 Library website 
Myers, Bryanna Kindergarten  
Pendell, Emily Teacher, Autism 602-896-5700  
Prcik, Larry Teacher, Band/Strings  
Rodriguez, Cindy ELL Testing Specialist 602-896-5719  
Schwan, Travis Teacher, 5th grade Mr. Schwan's website 
Seto, Aleksandra Teacher, 4th grade Mrs. Seto's website 
Smith, Kerrianne Teacher, Art  
Tasky, Gail Teacher, 3rd grade Mrs. Tasky's website 
Thompson, Gary Responsible Thinking Classroom Monitor 602-896-5755  
Thurman, Theresa Autism 602-896-5700  
Watson, Stephanie Health Tech 602-896-5710  
Wester, Melida Teacher, 5th grade Mrs. Wester's website 
Wiese, Troy Teacher, 6th grade Mr. Wiese's website 
Wittenwyler, Wendy Academic Specialist, Jungle Mrs. Wittenwyler's website 
Wright, Pamela Principal 602-896-5700  
Zive, Carrie Office Tech 602-896-5700  
Showing 52 items